Monday, 4 September 2017

30day challenge: #30 Past you vs Present you: How have you changed in the past 2 years?

Today it's my birthday - 3 sep. - and yeah I changed a bit. I had many opportunities.

past me: I was starting my first fashion course, I was insecure about many things because at that time everything was changing and I had to take some decisions.

present me: I'm attending my 4th fashion course soon and I'm also working. I went to 3 exhibitions in 3 different countries being an interpreter, I met a lot of people and I was able to try my Japanese with real Japanese people, I just said some words I was pretty scared but they were still impressed, this made me want to improve and study more! In fact I took the JLPT N5 exam last year that I passed with pretty good grades. I'm taking care of myself more than before and I'm trying to increase my self esteem. I'm going to take a trip. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

30day challenge: #29 An old photo of you

A really old photo of me, but I was so cute >w< 

30day challenge: #28 5 things you are looking forward to

Image of Shape Toppers
  1. my trip even if I'm pretty scared right now, so I'm excited - really, a lot! - but I'm also scared :c
  2. my fashion course, I hope I will be able to learn so much
  3. meet new people from around the world
  4. achieve another goal I have in mind
  5. I'm looking forward to anything happy it's coming ^-^ be positive *ugh

30day challenge: #27 Moodboard

a moodboard that tells something about me too.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

30day challenge: #26 Ways to win your heart

 - me
. make me laugh
. be honest
. be a good listener - even if you have heard it all before or if you find it boring, if I’m talking about it then there’s a reason that I need to
. surprise me
. respect me
. make me feel safe

- about you
. take care of yourself - I like guys who are clean - in every sense
. fashion - I want to be a fashion designer so you might like it too, be original not boring
. work hard - don't be lazy, have goals but try also to reach them. I'm here to support you!
. be smart
. be kind

- points extra*
. can you dance? - you can share it with me teaching me c: so cute!
. can you sing? / can you play an instruments? - sing / play for me ♡
. can you cook? - I love food, I appreciate more if you can make healthy food

ps: I'm jealous.

"She doesn’t have high standards she just knows what she deserves."
 carl alexandrè

30day challenge: #25 Another day in my life

#8:00 woke up

#8:30 shower + breakfast

#10:00 appointment with the dermatologist

#11:00 went to my grandfather's house

#12:00 home, trying to find inspiration

#13:00 lunch

- expectation -
. make clothes / sew
. work out
. Japanese

30day challenge: #24 A picture of your room

my little cute room. sorry for the really bad quality btw this is my room.

on all those hangers there are all my new fabrics I bought, I thought that this is a good way to keep them you can see well all of them especially if you don't have enough space on the drawers ;;
I keep them outside the wardrobe because looking at them I have ideas, this works when I wake up but still asleep. >o<

oh and also on my "desk" there are more fabrics, well projects that I haven't finished, but actually I don't really like them so they might stay there for a long time.

30day challenge: #23 Something you miss from your childhood

Bunny Nursery Art :  You can CUSTOMIZE this print to any colors you choose, either from the color chart or a picture or link, just let me know and I can create a custom listing for you!  *Be sure to select your size in the drop down box above.  Here at Sweet Melody Designs we love creating cute art for your little ones rooms. We believe in encouraging the imagination of children and giving them a beautiful place to grow up. It is our hope that our art can have a small part in that wonderful expeThe different atmosphere there was when I was little, I think this might say everything.
Well I think the thing I miss the most is the fact that I missed time spent with my family, since my family has a restaurant since I was born my mum had to cook and so on the weekend I was alone most of the time especially when my sister started helping my mum.
I always hated being alone, now too and this fact increased it.
I didn't spend Christmas - my favourite time of the year - or any other national / religious event with my family, the tradition is to invite all the family ( aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents .. ) during these events but not in mine since my parents were working.

Friday, 1 September 2017

30day challenge: #22 Share your OOTD / outfit you like

I had to change the title, I tried to take so many pictures but no one is good ;; so I'll just go for some outfits I like that I found on the net.

Korean Fashion Blog online style trend

30day challenge: #21 Another photography day

I wanted to try something new but it's raining and it's too dark.
so I'll just post the last picture I took - still bad quality but I don't care.

All those fabrics were so cheap, really. Think that I can make at least 9 clothes and I've spent 50 euro, that's awesome! c: my wardrobe is pretty empty since I didn't want to buy anything - the last time I think was about a year ago, I'm not joking! - because why should I buy clothes if I can make them? I was like trying to encourage myself.
Anyway yeah I have to make clothes because 2 sweaters have the sleeves too short - hate that. and 2 pair of jeans are worn out, so yeah let's work!

as you can see there's a lot of pink - everything. of course I really like pink but it's also a choice I had to make since it's really difficult too find light blue fabrics :c bottom right it's a light blue one. But I'm really happy since I found so many different fabrics ;w; love them! 

30day challenge: #20 10 likes and 10 dislikes

a really random list and without an order.

  1. rain
  2. cats - mine
  3. honest people
  4. Japan
  5. fashion
  6. creativity
  7. diversity
  8. music
  9. politeness
  10. food

  1. people who lie
  2. loneliness
  3. hot
  4. people who talk behind someone's back
  5. not open minded
  6. of course people who hurt / do any bad thing to others
  7. anxiety
  8. overthinking
  9. too much laziness 
  10. people who follow the trend not having an own personality

30day challenge: #19 10 songs that come to your mind + reasons

I'm making this list with songs that come to my mind but also from my life.

♫check out my music blog! ig- @st.ary pinterest- @xaryanax♫#1 Weki Meki - I don't like your girlfriend
. why? yesterday I kept listening to it the whole day, and it's still going on in my head. I actually would love to learn that choreo :c

#2 Bangtan - Cypher, in particular Part 3: Killer
. why? it's getting colder, today it's raining too and it reminds me 2 years ago when I had to go to a place 1 hour far away from to take a fashion course, it was really early, still dark outside - most of the rime raining - and in the bus so I was listening to BTS.

#3 Robbie Williams - She's The One / Angels / Sin Sin Sin

. why? well I could say all the songs of Robbie Williams because when I was little and I wasn't at school there was my mum - she loved him so much, albums / DVD etc.. - that was listening to his songs in the morning and that's the first thing I remember. I always said that I didn't like his songs - wrong, I like them maybe because I've changed - but I like to remember this little thing about when I was little, it makes me feel happy c:

#4 Aqua TimeZ - プルメリア ~花唄~
♕pinterest/bittiebel. why? same thing of #2 but this time was in high school, we had to run outside - it was cold ;; - but at least, I mean at least, our teacher - I didn't like her at all! - let us listen to music and I was listening to Aqua TimeZ every time - oh, rhyme.  sorry.

#5 蘇打綠 sodagreen - 相信 / 日光
. why? same of #2 and #4 BUT this time I had 14/15 years old and it was the same year that I attended the Chinese course at school.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

30day challenge: #18 Your astrological sign ( things that are true for you )

constellation VirgoI'm a virgo. August 23 – September 22
Element: Earth
Ruling planet: Mercury
Symbol: Maiden
Zodiac symbol: Virgin

The most compatible signs with Virgo are generally considered to be Taurus - I'm sorry but for now besides my grandmother <3 I haven't found good Taurus people - Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. The least compatible signs with Virgo are generally considered to be Gemini - what? my childhood best friend was a Gemini and everyone knew how we were compatible together! - and Sagittarius -that's my sister and that's right!
Pisces and Virgo compatibility → I think that this might be true.

- my birthday date -
Virgos born on September 3 are ambitious and may achieve their goals early in life. If they do, they cannot be satisfied until they also have an equally successful personal life. They have a great capacity for spirituality, which may not surface until later in life.

Friends and Lovers
People born on September 3 like having people around them yet have difficulty making close friends. Their strong level of competition sometimes creates animosity. They have a great need to show that they can attract the most eligible partners when what they really want is to find the person of their dreams and settle down. Once they do, they have a capacity for true happiness and contentment.

- tumblr posts -
from what the signs need to hear
that's one of the best sign thing I've read, it's really accurate!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

30day challenge: #17 Your daily work-out

Is there a daily work-out? Because I haven't followed it for 3 days, is it still daily? uhm..
But ok it's my daily work-out.

I tried some apps, they are pretty similar anyway this one has 4 main categories, sometimes I do 3 different work-outs: #1 stretching, #2 legs / butt and #3 abs.
But most of the time I just do the first one to prepare my body, after that I follow some videos on youtube or if I have time I practice kpop choreos, which means learning them but also follow the song and do what I know or just follow them without trying to learn it.

#warm up stretching: 5 minutes from the head to the feet.

#youtube videos: well right now I'm into a specific channel which is ICON UK, I really enjoy those videos, I think that they are made in a good way so you don't feel too tired and the girl who follows you - Danielle Peazer - gives you more strength! The one I did the last time was this:

30day challenge: #16 Your regrets

I won't say much about this because I don't have many regrets, like yeah I wanted to take another high school, the fashion one but no I had to take the path I chose because it was the right one for that moment! And I'm taking some good courses right now that maybe I wouldn't have taken if I chose that school, this is an example but there might be many things I have done like that.

Maybe the only real regret is that I didn't tried doing something when I had a chance and so I lost some opportunities.

But I think that if you learn from your mistakes every thing you did should not be seen as a regret - well I haven't done really big mistakes since I was also little and I couldn't understand some stuff.

Oh looking for a quote I heard about regrets I found this one which is exactly what I wrote, so I end with this quote.

Inspirational Quotes for Teens 5 #emotionalfreedom #happiness #emotionalhealing Emotional Healing & Happiness Handbook:

30day challenge: #15 Things you like and dislike about yourself

Let's try to be positive and appreciate ourselves!

Tags: Anime, Sawasawa, Ballet, Ballerina Outfit, PNG Conversion, Pixiv, Original, Revision. what do I like about myself?
I might say my personality, most part of it like my determination, I have some big goals and many people especially my family - not parents or sister - don't really believe in me, well they actually don't really understand what I really want to do because when I start saying fashion ... they think that it's a tough path and I won't reach it - maybe because I'm not attending specific institute but "just" a course - which they shouldn't underrate it - btw ..even if I don't have many people who believe in me I keep going!
I also like my creativity, my head always works and I have many ideas. *dislike
I like helping people, maybe I don't do this in the appropriate way for that person, but I really enjoy helping. And for this reason I'm also pretty caring.

Monday, 28 August 2017

30day challenge: #14 Languages you know { writing

Hello, how are you? Today I will write in different languages I'm starting with the ones I know less things because I can't make long sentences so let's start!

Immagine di anime, manga, and school
Hallo, mein Name ist Silvia und ich bin 20 Jahre alt. - I'm trying to think, I can remember some stuffs but I forgot how to make a nice sentence so I stop here.


こんにちは! あーこれは私の好きな言語です。笑
んー何と言えばいいか分かりません。だからたぶんこのポストはつまらないですが、ごめんなさい!私の日本語はまだ下手です。でも今年JLPT N4の試験を受けたいです!頑張りますー

30day challenge: #13 A day in my life

This might be really boring 'cause I haven't done anything special and this day is just my usual routine so yeah really boring. Sorry.

#9:00 wake up - just because I'm still on holiday ( right? )

#10:00 - 10:30 work out, my work out "routine": I start with some stretching exercises after them I follow some youtube videos or I practice some kpop choreo, if I really have time I dance all the song I have on my hd - yes I do this too! which means that I dance for more than an hour

#10:30 Japanese - it depends on my mood. I might just do some exercises or learning vocabulary or revise grammar etc.. Now I'm more into exercises.

#12:30 lunch

30day challenge: #12 Photography day

Hello, how are you? This is a photography day :3 I actually like taking pictures even if I'm not good at it. As you will see I love the sky  

The sun was too bright so I couldn't look at the screen and they turned a bit shaky but that airplane was pretty low and I could see it well. I just loved its contrails and it was so fast so cute ;w;

Thursday, 24 August 2017

30day challenge: #11 30 facts about yourself

Stamp Paper Plane / Stempel Papieren vliegtuigje - € 9,95Hello, how are you? Today I have to write 30 facts about myself and I will just write the first 30 things that come up in my mind ~

#1 My birthday is on the 3rd of September - so soon!

#2 I like Japan and I'm learning Japanese

#3 I like fashion

#4 I have a lovely cat called Milady <3

#5 I have many ideas - too many! - of what I could create / do

#6 I don't like to share my projects if they aren't ready because I'm afraid that people can take inspiration and create something better :c

white ● minimalism ● inspiration ● pinned by @ohwahl#7 I don't like when I have a passion / hobby and someone who I know stole it, yeah I mean stole it like in 1 day he/she pretends to know everything and talk to everyone about it. I know I'm weird but I became like that because of many episodes in my life and I'm pretty fed up. Sorry ^-^
- well it depends who is that person of course, not everyone

#8 My goal - in general see #6 - is to be a fashion designer & seamstress, but there are different paths of this that I won't share right now haha see #6!

#9 I studied Computer Science, and I was the only girl that year!

#10 If there will be a chance I would like to be a model - just for one day it is good too
my self esteem is low so staying with people that know how to work with the characteristics of a person maybe will help(?)

#11 I would like to be blond ( and I feel that I should be blond ) - that's an important fact 

#12 I wear glasses - they suggested me to wear them all the day even if I see well most of the time but I actually wear them because I prefer to see myself with them, I'm honest.

#13 I decided to stop buying clothes - and my mum is against it, I'm saving up, what's the problem? Anyway I can make them if I need them

#14 I really enjoy working out and I would like to be able to do it regularly

#15 I'm not an English person as you probably guessed

30day challenge: #10 Things you created

Hello, how are you? I made this post earlier with the clothes I make but since I would like to make something better for them and since I've just create my first FMV I would like to share here it.
So actually I was able to achieve one of my goals I wrote previously, that's so good, no? c:

I'm pretty satisfied since it's my first video, cutting a bunch of drama was pretty tough - I love every scene, how can I decide to take just few of them? ;-; but at the end I was able to make it long as the song I chose, at least.

First I wanted to create something like those videos with loads of pictures and some small videos, long about 50s but even if it was easier I went for something harder because I loved those videos and also because choosing an actor instead of a singer made me choose among more movies/drama than  little clips etc...
Ok I stop here, I let you watch it! ^-^ please leave some comments I would like to improve more ^-^  so any suggestions / tips are well accepted. Thank you!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

30day challenge: #9 5 places you want to visit

#1 Japan
If I have to choose one Country the answer is Japan with no doubt. It's almost 10 years that I discovered it and its culture and since then I kept leaning about it and I'm getting more and more attracted by it. I could talk about it for hours but it will be annoying for you so yeah I like Japan.

#2 South Korea
I don't really know if it's #2 or #3 but since it was the number 2 for the last years I've put it here. Sincerely I don't know so much about it, I listen to kpop music - I know that it might not be a right reason to go there - BUT I also watched a lot of videos of people who are living there so I learnt something, not as much as Japan tho.

#3 China
This was the number 2 the first years, in fact I took Chinese lessons too, the teacher who is a real Chinese person taught me the language and the culture too. But for some years I didn't do anything, I started again this year, I took Chinese lessons - with the same teacher, how lucky I am! and I discovered some artists I like and I'm watching some Chinese drama.

[ #SELLING ] Japanese JLPT N3 books

Hello, how are you? I made this post because I really need to sell these books and also because I need money for a trip.
[ #SELLING ] Japanese JLPT N3 books
  • Kanzen Master N3 Grammar
  • Kanzen Master N3 Reading Comprehension
  • Nihongo So-matome JLPT N3: Vocabulary
  • Nihongo So-matome JLPT N3: Kanji
  • Nihongo So-matome JLPT N3: Listening Comprehension
Payment: Paypal
Cost: 15 euro each one + shipping ( you can choose which one )
People who can buy all of them come first!
Feel free to ask me any questions but please just if you are really interested!
I will ship the ones already packed, I haven’t touched them since I got them.

Why am I selling them? As you can see I got them twice because of an error made by the seller -  whiterabbitjapan, I emailed them to ask what to do and they said that I can do what I want with them since shipping back to them will be expensive for them. - I have the email as proof if you are thinking that it’s strange. Please don’t think that they aren’t good seller because I really liked how they worked, I got them fast and in perfect condition. ^-^

Thursday, 17 August 2017

30day challenge: #8 Things you want to learn

Hello, how are you? This challenge is pretty tough when you can't post your posts because of no internet connection ;-; so did I lost? Oh no, I will keep posting those posts even if they are not in the right day, most of them are ready so I will post them, yep.

Anyway today's theme is things I want to learn, which are many since I always loved knowing stuffs etc.. but of course at some point I had to focus more on something in particular so I'm able to do something and not a bit of everything but specialized in nothing, right? You can always learn new things anytime.

#1 learn to SING
f:id:raruurattatta:20160317231958j:imageevery time I listen to a song I sing and this might be hard for my family because I'm not good at it, I know! But I like it. I like it since I was 4 years old I think, we had to learn songs and sing at the end of the year - at kindergarten - I was pretty good at learning the lyrics, after hearing it once/twice I knew it. We had this also in the elementary school but my best friend of that time was really good at it and I don't know, I tried to hide myself, but yeah I probably wasn't good at all - like now.

#2 learn to DANCE
As for singing I remember that every time there was a TV program in the evening with the an opening(?) / ending(?) song I danced - in that program there were 2 girls who danced that song and I don't think I copied them but I made every evening my own choreography? kkk ok - Anyway right now I'm copying kpop choreographies but I'm not good.

Image result#3 learn to do KARATE
Since I was a kid I loved it, I was pretty young I think, and it attracts me so much.
I think that after my dad played with me doing the Osotogari ( of course he didn't let me fall down ) but I really enjoyed it - he did Judo when he was a kid - I know that Judo and Karate are two different things but I like martial arts in general, but my favorite one is Karate!

I made this list with just things I want to learn but I need a teacher / someone who can teach me, so I didn't include stuff that I'm able to learn by myself, well for dance I can learn by myself I'm doing it but I would like someone who helps me in it, being smooth(?). I can't think of other things that can stay in this list so for now there are just 3 things, but they are not 3.

Monday, 14 August 2017

30day challenge: #7 What inspires you right now

Hello, how are you? Well this post is going to be a bunch of mix things from songs to images, concepts, poeple etc.. so I won't describe each thing also because they just inspire me for how they are!

Ulzzang fashion | Kfashion

View the complete Resort 2018 collection from Unravel.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

30day challenge: #6 Favorite TV shows

Hello, how are you? Today's theme is TV shows, I'm watching so many drama in these months than a year before, and I've also started watching drama made in other Countries like China, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan.

But in this list I'm just putting Japanese drama, since I know more about them.

Image result for tokyo tarareba musume#1 東京タラレバ娘
Lovely. I was more convinced to watch this drama because of the 金髪 - I watch other Kentaro Sakaguchi drama but with small parts so I wanted to watch a drama where he was the main character, this is not the case but his role is so lovely. By the watching watching it I thought I'm like those タラレバ女. I hope to see a second season!

#2 Love Relationship
Yeah also this one has one of my favorite actor Sota Fukushi. The story is about love of course and I really enjoyed it!

#3 オトナ女子
If you saw 東京タラレバ娘 and you get bored easily about similar plots, watch it! I'm against people who keep looking down drama which are pretty similar, no they might seem similar, the main parts are similar but the whole story is completely different. So just watch it!  ( I also watched another similar drama which I love, and I watched them one behind the other and I didn't get bored at all! )

Saturday, 12 August 2017

30day challenge: #5 Favorite songs

Hello, how are you? Today I'm posting my favorite songs that come up in my mind which are also the ones that I listed to in the last month. -  I love so many songs but every week / month I change completely artists, genres etc.. - This list is made up with just one song for each artist but I would post all the songs they made

Mrs. Green Apple - Speaking

米津玄師  - LOSER

용국&시현 - the.the.the

Blackpink - As if it's your last

온앤오프 - ON/OFF

30day challenge: #4 Favorite quotes

Hello ~ trying to do a 30 day challenge when you don't have the pc for 5 days is pretty difficult but I've already prepared the posts I had to post so I'll upload 2 posts per day now.

Next theme is: Favorite quotes. There are so many quotes I like and in my blog you can see about one quote a day, the choice will be among the ones that I remember better right now and the ones that are right for me now.

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story 
you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it." 
— jordan belfort 

"If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, 
you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten."
— unknown

"You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
— Zig Ziglar 

"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."
— winston churchill

"She doesn’t have high standards she just knows what she deserves."
— carl alexandrè

"Every person is a new door to a different world."
— six degrees of separation

"Your relationship with yourself sets the tone
for every other relationship you have."
— robert holden 

Other good quotes that were / are so perfect for me are whole songs:

I wish I could love myself.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

30day challenge: #3 10 things you would like to work on / improve about yourself

Hello, how are you? Another hot day ((´д`)) at least I'm going to the mountains where there are about 5°C less than here -but I have to work-

But yeah let's go with the third theme of today, 10 things you would like to work on / improve about yourself
It might be something like the first one but since I don't have a precise date to achieve my goals I can say more things, but only things I already know a bit, since there will be another post for things I want to learn.

playlist: EXO ballad songs
drinking: mint x anise x fennel tea

#1 Fashion skills: yes, it's my dream job so of course I want to improve as much as possible, from drawing the fashion sketches to making the pattern and then sewing it perfectly!

#2 Japanese: this is also an infinite goal, I would like to be fluent, know loads and loads of words. Improving writing, listening, speaking ↪ everything!

#3 Dance: I've never taken any lessons - no you did, 4 lessons, 1 hour each- so I'm not so good but I really enjoy dancing, but I just try to do the same coreographies of kpop songs, I've just finished learning Blackpink - As if it's your last

#4 Graphics: I haven't made so much in these years, thanks to my sister I made her business cards and flyers and last year I made a portfolio(?) yeah something like that but nothing more and I really miss it. So I would like to work on some projects I thought for a while.

#5 Pictures: I would like to take more pictures, to improve it trying different ways of taking them I got more inspired after watching youtubers, their pictures were amazing - they also used prism, CD etc.. I found it lovely. And I need it also to share with you what I make.

#6 Believe in myself: 1. I would like to stop thinking I can't do something because I don't know so much, or thinking that if something isn't perfect as I want it to be doesn't mean that it's not good.

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it."
☆ jordan belfort 

Saturday, 5 August 2017

30day challenge: #2 Favorite fashion trends

Hello, how are you? Second post of this challenge: Favorite fashion trends
Well all of the trends I'm writing here are also the ones I'm using on the clothes I'm making - and I draw this "collection" exactly one year ago, still making those clothes ugh - by the way they are pretty general there are many ways to interpret them, I'll put just some examples.


It's one of my favorite things, you can play with clothes so much, different fabrics, different sizes.. nothing more to say, just see some examples.
A look from Burberry February 2017 Show

Slogans / Writings
Just a writing to give something more on the outfit, and if that writing says what you think makes it more personal too or you can give advises as well without talking.
Clothing - TopsXimon Lee voor H

I just like putting some fishnets details on the clothes, it gives a completely different look.
Fishnets now are used a lot as tights under denim shorts, jeans, skirts - see below pictures - I don't dislike it on other people if done in a nice way but I don't think I would use them like that, too much aggressive for me.

Lisa #Jennie #Jisoo #BLACKPINK

30day Challenge: #1 Your goals from now till the end of the year

Hello, how are you? Let's start the 30 day blog challenge! *yuh so the first one is: Your goals from now till the end of the year

I always wanted to do many things, to try different stuffs etc.. so I would also like to achieve many goals but since having a lot of goals doesn't take you anywhere, I will try to be realistic. What can I really do?

  1. Fashion: sewing and patterns
    First of all I would like to improve my sewing skills and to do so I have to make clothes every week, regularly! By the way I got accepted to the fashion pattern course which means that if I work hard I will be able to make a bunch of different pretty detailed clothes. And yeah be able to create more patterns.

  2. Japanese
    My goal was to take the N3 exam at the beginning of the 2017 but time flew and I couldn't study as much as I thought. If I can get the N4 will be nice of course but I'm pretty disappointed of myself right now.

  3. Be more calm
    Ah yes this is related to many things. I would like to be more happy with myself, my self-esteem isn't high and I would like to increase it, taking care of myself - work out, beauty .. -

  4. Video editing
    I've always loved videos, and I keep searching for particular ones, ways to create them and I have some ideas after watching many videos. So if I 'm able to make at least one well made video for the end of the year I will be so happy! 
There are more little ( also big? ) goals I would like to achieve but these are the ones I'm thinking about more often. So I think I can stop the list here otherwise it will be too long and I don't want.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

#Personal: 30 day blog challenge

Hello cuties, how are you? Is it hot in your country?
Here it's too hot to do anything, hate it. (´;ω;`) And because of this I'm not doing so much, I'm not studying so much, I'm not sewing so much..  not good! ;A;

Anyway since today it's the 3rd of August - which means that 1 month and it's my birthday - I decided to do the 30 day blog challenge. This list is more personal than my usual posts so I'm preparing other posts.
Let's work hard!  ٩(。•ω•。)و

30 day blog challenge
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

#Freebies: JLPT N5 and N4: Vocabulary List

Hello, how are you? Long time ~~ By the way, I'm planning to make more posts like a 30 day challenge soon because I really want to keep updated this blog and use it in a right way to share things with you!

Anyway I want to give you a freebie I worked on for myself at the beginning but since on tumblr loats of people were interested in it I decided to make it public! ^-^

If you are studying Japanese you might need it, especially if you are attending N5 or N4 exam.
On the link below you can find a long list with all the words needed for those 2 tests, well if you want to take the N5 you need less words of course!

I'm actually studying for the N4 - I don't actually know if I'll take the exam since I wanted to go for the N3 but time flies! I know most of the grammar for the N4 but I wanted to know every word because I hate understanding the construction of a phrase and not the words! So I decided to create this list ^-^ it's on drive so you can download it!

Anyway I want to say that:
  1. this is a combined list made from two lists I found on the web: here - N5 - and here -N4 -  from an Italian website (if you are Italian check it! c: it’s nice and the owner will help you if you have questions) but he actually took those lists from 
  2. The original N5 list have 727 words while the N4 list 681 = 1408 words but my list has 1297 words, why? Because I removed double words, words that are part of the grammar ( like にくい ) however you can find some conjunctions etc..
  3. I put some words in more than one categories ( so there is the same word 2/3 times ) but with some I decided to not do this because they are too general. I checked those words on jishotangorinweblio and goo - hard work >o< hehe
  4. You might know other words that aren’t in this list or you think that “school” should be have a specific word etc.. but you can’t find it there.. Please as mentioned before I just took the words and divided into categories. Anyway if you know more words or if you want to learn more words do it ‘cause you need to know words, don’t just use this list, extend it c:
  5. As said before I can edit it if you suggest me some changes, you can send me a message here on tumblr ^-^ and of course I might have made some mistakes or didn’t caught the right meaning of a word even after consulting dictionaries! 
    I’m still studying consider that I’m the same level of you or just a little bit better - since I’m talking to people interested in N5 and N4! ^-^
I hope it will help you a lot making vocabulary easier to learn because we know that it’s a big part when learning a language.

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