Saturday, 2 September 2017

30day challenge: #23 Something you miss from your childhood

Bunny Nursery Art :  You can CUSTOMIZE this print to any colors you choose, either from the color chart or a picture or link, just let me know and I can create a custom listing for you!  *Be sure to select your size in the drop down box above.  Here at Sweet Melody Designs we love creating cute art for your little ones rooms. We believe in encouraging the imagination of children and giving them a beautiful place to grow up. It is our hope that our art can have a small part in that wonderful expeThe different atmosphere there was when I was little, I think this might say everything.
Well I think the thing I miss the most is the fact that I missed time spent with my family, since my family has a restaurant since I was born my mum had to cook and so on the weekend I was alone most of the time especially when my sister started helping my mum.
I always hated being alone, now too and this fact increased it.
I didn't spend Christmas - my favourite time of the year - or any other national / religious event with my family, the tradition is to invite all the family ( aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents .. ) during these events but not in mine since my parents were working.

Nevertheless I had a nice childhood, I was happy and I had my little and special moments with my family. Things has changed now I'm older and I have to think to some things on my own, but I like that since it's also part of my personality.
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