Thursday, 17 August 2017

30day challenge: #8 Things you want to learn

Hello, how are you? This challenge is pretty tough when you can't post your posts because of no internet connection ;-; so did I lost? Oh no, I will keep posting those posts even if they are not in the right day, most of them are ready so I will post them, yep.

Anyway today's theme is things I want to learn, which are many since I always loved knowing stuffs etc.. but of course at some point I had to focus more on something in particular so I'm able to do something and not a bit of everything but specialized in nothing, right? You can always learn new things anytime.

#1 learn to SING
f:id:raruurattatta:20160317231958j:imageevery time I listen to a song I sing and this might be hard for my family because I'm not good at it, I know! But I like it. I like it since I was 4 years old I think, we had to learn songs and sing at the end of the year - at kindergarten - I was pretty good at learning the lyrics, after hearing it once/twice I knew it. We had this also in the elementary school but my best friend of that time was really good at it and I don't know, I tried to hide myself, but yeah I probably wasn't good at all - like now.

#2 learn to DANCE
As for singing I remember that every time there was a TV program in the evening with the an opening(?) / ending(?) song I danced - in that program there were 2 girls who danced that song and I don't think I copied them but I made every evening my own choreography? kkk ok - Anyway right now I'm copying kpop choreographies but I'm not good.

Image result#3 learn to do KARATE
Since I was a kid I loved it, I was pretty young I think, and it attracts me so much.
I think that after my dad played with me doing the Osotogari ( of course he didn't let me fall down ) but I really enjoyed it - he did Judo when he was a kid - I know that Judo and Karate are two different things but I like martial arts in general, but my favorite one is Karate!

I made this list with just things I want to learn but I need a teacher / someone who can teach me, so I didn't include stuff that I'm able to learn by myself, well for dance I can learn by myself I'm doing it but I would like someone who helps me in it, being smooth(?). I can't think of other things that can stay in this list so for now there are just 3 things, but they are not 3.

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