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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

ଘ •ᴥ• Fashion Post: Twins Style ✰ ファッションポスト:ツインズスタイル •ᴥ• ଓ

Hi pretty witches and happy new year ~! how are you? I relaxed during these days, but now I have to start thinking about school /ugh it will be an hard period!

I wanted to post about fairy kei outfits, but I have to take some pictures so, according to the new Kawaii.i episode -if you missed it, here you can find a brief  summary-, I'm talking about: Twins Style! *yaay 
I'm starting with AMIAYA, a Jpop music duo of twin sisters, Ami the older sister and Aya the younger sister:

Take a look at these two outfits, they used the same clothes but with different colors.

They match accessories, hairstyles and make up too! This is why Kawaii.i asked them to talk more about twins style! Aren't they so cute?

There are other two models that follow this style: Mim & Mam!