Sunday, 6 August 2017

30day challenge: #3 10 things you would like to work on / improve about yourself

Hello, how are you? Another hot day ((´д`)) at least I'm going to the mountains where there are about 5°C less than here -but I have to work-

But yeah let's go with the third theme of today, 10 things you would like to work on / improve about yourself
It might be something like the first one but since I don't have a precise date to achieve my goals I can say more things, but only things I already know a bit, since there will be another post for things I want to learn.

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#1 Fashion skills: yes, it's my dream job so of course I want to improve as much as possible, from drawing the fashion sketches to making the pattern and then sewing it perfectly!

#2 Japanese: this is also an infinite goal, I would like to be fluent, know loads and loads of words. Improving writing, listening, speaking ↪ everything!

#3 Dance: I've never taken any lessons - no you did, 4 lessons, 1 hour each- so I'm not so good but I really enjoy dancing, but I just try to do the same coreographies of kpop songs, I've just finished learning Blackpink - As if it's your last

#4 Graphics: I haven't made so much in these years, thanks to my sister I made her business cards and flyers and last year I made a portfolio(?) yeah something like that but nothing more and I really miss it. So I would like to work on some projects I thought for a while.

#5 Pictures: I would like to take more pictures, to improve it trying different ways of taking them I got more inspired after watching youtubers, their pictures were amazing - they also used prism, CD etc.. I found it lovely. And I need it also to share with you what I make.

#6 Believe in myself: 1. I would like to stop thinking I can't do something because I don't know so much, or thinking that if something isn't perfect as I want it to be doesn't mean that it's not good.

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it."
☆ jordan belfort 

#7 Believe in myself: 2. Increasing my self-esteem, I don't like myself and this thing becomes stronger day by day. I don't take care of myself because even doing just a bit thing doesn't change anything so I do nothing.. it's hard for me. But yeah I would like be more confident which means that I should do some stuffs because there's something I really can't stand and "removing" it I think I can start better.

#8 Manage my time better / be more focused: I can't come back home from work and watch drama / videos for the rest of the day. To do all the things on this list I should do a bit each day at least fashion & Japanese + work out.

#9 Chinese: it's not so urgent I think I like this language I started learning it 5 years ago, I've taken 2 courses ( 2 years ) and then I stopped since last year/this year I took another course but I wasn't so mmh happy(?) even if my teacher kept telling I was good. By the way, after that course I started watching some Chinese drama, listening to Chinese songs thanks to this I understood why I liked it years ago. You just need to find something that encourages you learning.

#10 English: another language, yes. Since I'm learning Japanese I'm focusing more on that one and I don't practice English so much, writing here helps me a bit, but I don't actually do a lot I just follow one youtuber who speaks English - of course sometimes I watch English videos too- and on tumblr I read / write in English but there are more pictures than text posts. But oh I went to 3 exhibitions this year and I was the interpreter for my father and his company, I love taking part of trade shows!
I know all the grammar structures learnt at school even if when I write I might forgot them because I'm not practicing so much and I would like to know moreee words too.

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