Wednesday, 12 July 2017

#Freebies: JLPT N5 and N4: Vocabulary List

Hello, how are you? Long time ~~ By the way, I'm planning to make more posts like a 30 day challenge soon because I really want to keep updated this blog and use it in a right way to share things with you!

Anyway I want to give you a freebie I worked on for myself at the beginning but since on tumblr loats of people were interested in it I decided to make it public! ^-^

If you are studying Japanese you might need it, especially if you are attending N5 or N4 exam.
On the link below you can find a long list with all the words needed for those 2 tests, well if you want to take the N5 you need less words of course!

I'm actually studying for the N4 - I don't actually know if I'll take the exam since I wanted to go for the N3 but time flies! I know most of the grammar for the N4 but I wanted to know every word because I hate understanding the construction of a phrase and not the words! So I decided to create this list ^-^ it's on drive so you can download it!

Anyway I want to say that:
  1. this is a combined list made from two lists I found on the web: here - N5 - and here -N4 -  from an Italian website (if you are Italian check it! c: it’s nice and the owner will help you if you have questions) but he actually took those lists from 
  2. The original N5 list have 727 words while the N4 list 681 = 1408 words but my list has 1297 words, why? Because I removed double words, words that are part of the grammar ( like にくい ) however you can find some conjunctions etc..
  3. I put some words in more than one categories ( so there is the same word 2/3 times ) but with some I decided to not do this because they are too general. I checked those words on jishotangorinweblio and goo - hard work >o< hehe
  4. You might know other words that aren’t in this list or you think that “school” should be have a specific word etc.. but you can’t find it there.. Please as mentioned before I just took the words and divided into categories. Anyway if you know more words or if you want to learn more words do it ‘cause you need to know words, don’t just use this list, extend it c:
  5. As said before I can edit it if you suggest me some changes, you can send me a message here on tumblr ^-^ and of course I might have made some mistakes or didn’t caught the right meaning of a word even after consulting dictionaries! 
    I’m still studying consider that I’m the same level of you or just a little bit better - since I’m talking to people interested in N5 and N4! ^-^
I hope it will help you a lot making vocabulary easier to learn because we know that it’s a big part when learning a language.

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