Monday, 28 August 2017

30day challenge: #13 A day in my life

This might be really boring 'cause I haven't done anything special and this day is just my usual routine so yeah really boring. Sorry.

#9:00 wake up - just because I'm still on holiday ( right? )

#10:00 - 10:30 work out, my work out "routine": I start with some stretching exercises after them I follow some youtube videos or I practice some kpop choreo, if I really have time I dance all the song I have on my hd - yes I do this too! which means that I dance for more than an hour

#10:30 Japanese - it depends on my mood. I might just do some exercises or learning vocabulary or revise grammar etc.. Now I'm more into exercises.

#12:30 lunch

-- break, playing with my cat, app's time --

#14:00 switched on the computer.

  • checked all the emails - different times 
  • tumblr 
  • youtube - watched different FMV videos, listened to a bunch of songs, and some youtubers
  • checked facebook, twitter, pinterest
  • jdrama - watched the first ep of Love Shuffle, it started so well I think it will be really interesting! (I usually watch it at 17:30 / 18:30)
#19:00 prepared to go to work - shower

#19:30 started working at my sister's restaurant - that's not my main job 

#23:30 finished working, I went to bed - as always I check instagram stories / youtube (sometimes I watch some cute dramas on there - about 20 minutes) etc.. + got inspired by looking at some japanese magazines and then slept... good night!

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