Saturday, 2 September 2017

30day challenge: #26 Ways to win your heart

 - me
. make me laugh
. be honest
. be a good listener - even if you have heard it all before or if you find it boring, if I’m talking about it then there’s a reason that I need to
. surprise me
. respect me
. make me feel safe

- about you
. take care of yourself - I like guys who are clean - in every sense
. fashion - I want to be a fashion designer so you might like it too, be original not boring
. work hard - don't be lazy, have goals but try also to reach them. I'm here to support you!
. be smart
. be kind

- points extra*
. can you dance? - you can share it with me teaching me c: so cute!
. can you sing? / can you play an instruments? - sing / play for me ♡
. can you cook? - I love food, I appreciate more if you can make healthy food

ps: I'm jealous.

"She doesn’t have high standards she just knows what she deserves."
 carl alexandrè

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