Wednesday, 30 August 2017

30day challenge: #15 Things you like and dislike about yourself

Let's try to be positive and appreciate ourselves!

Tags: Anime, Sawasawa, Ballet, Ballerina Outfit, PNG Conversion, Pixiv, Original, Revision. what do I like about myself?
I might say my personality, most part of it like my determination, I have some big goals and many people especially my family - not parents or sister - don't really believe in me, well they actually don't really understand what I really want to do because when I start saying fashion ... they think that it's a tough path and I won't reach it - maybe because I'm not attending specific institute but "just" a course - which they shouldn't underrate it - btw ..even if I don't have many people who believe in me I keep going!
I also like my creativity, my head always works and I have many ideas. *dislike
I like helping people, maybe I don't do this in the appropriate way for that person, but I really enjoy helping. And for this reason I'm also pretty caring.

I love learning new things. I'm pretty optimistic especially if it concerns other people.

. what do I dislike about myself?
寒いMy body yeah it wasn't like that about 2 years ago but right now yes, I just would like to have toned muscles - no, not too much! NO. - and I would also like to try to take care of myself more.
*but I dislike the fact that I worry too much doing what I want, especially because I want that everything is perfect, yeah I'm a perfectionist, which I like and dislike.
I'm insecure, and too paranoid, I'm worried to say wrong stuff etc.. but I actually tend to say wrong / exaggerated stuff when I'm nervous / anxious, maybe this happen when I don't really know someone or also when I'm tired I talk too fast and I say things I don't really think. hate that.

There are for sure many other things but this is what came up in my mind right now.
 © drawings: Sawasawa 

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