Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Infanta Sleeping Bear Chiffon Lolita OP review { Birthday's present }

Hello cuties ♥ how are you? My Birthday was on 3rd September so this post is really late, anyway  my boyfriend gave me a super cute lolita dress from Infanta. He doesn't feel so comfortable if I were Harajuku fashion, but he also knows that I love it so much ~ a really cute present!

Infanta is a chinese brand that doesn't do replicas and yet does do some stellar prints of their very own.

✰ Infanta Sleeping Bear OP ✰
He chose the color of the OP, but yeah light blue is one of my favorite colors and I don't have anything else in this color aside from my last creation.
The fabric is nice too even though it keeps me warm so I have to wear it when it's colder! The materials are: chiffon, polyester, cotton, lace

These are the picture of the sites

And this is my dress ~ it is exactly like the pictures above
It had a little problem, the sleeves were too small for my arms -and I have thin arms ouo - by the way, to fix this problem I put a cylinder bigger than my arm for a whole afternoon, now they are perfect ^-^ a little tip for you ~ 

Friday, 16 October 2015

Selling Ojamajo Doremi wands ✰

Hello cuties ♥ how are you? I'm here just because I need to sell my two Ojamajo Doremi wands, I still haven't decided a price for them, but you can contact me and tell me what you want to spend~
Once I sold them I will delete this post so send me a message!

I can make other pictures, video if you want to see how they work .. I don't know, just ask me!

What to do:
- send me an email here:
- tell me if you want one (which one?) or both
- tell me the price

Ojamajo Doremi Season 2 Wreath Poron

Ojamajo Doremi Season 3 Sweet Poron SOLD

Each wand has sounds/musics and lights, the Sweet Poron wand has some little balls that go up when you click the notes, while the Wreath Poron wand has a note that you can remove and if you put it there is a sound, sorry for my bad description anyway if you want I can make a video with all their functions ~ Go go  ✰ 

See you on the next post
Bye lovelies ♥

Saturday, 10 October 2015

✿ Top 5 (A lot of) Cute boys anime ♡ トップ5アニメ:かわいい男 ✿

Hello cuties ♥ how are you? I'm waiting the sun to take some picture and create some cute posts, but it is always cloudy *argh by the way, I was thinking about a category for another top 5 and since I really like anime with a lot of cute boys, I chose this one! Every time I watch an anime like this I fall in love with one/two of them (you too I know), so this is my list for now, the next anime I want to watch are full of cute boys so it may change!

1. Nabari 隠の王
It was my "first" anime when I discovered about anime/Japan etc.. I already talked about my first anime (such as Ojamajo Doremi). I give it the first place because yeah it has a special place on my heart for the reason I said before. I felt in love with Miharu ( 六条 壬晴 ) and Yoite ( 宵風 ), I can't choose the cutest aww!
I have to re-watch it, I don't remember a lot and well it is special ~
Yuuki Kamatani, Nabari no Ou, Miharu Rokujou, Yoite

2. Brothers Conflict ブラザーズ コンフリクト
I've finished this anime last month and it's difficult 13 boys, I mean 13 brothers and since they were born from the same parents they are all cute hehe! But ok Tsubaki ( 朝日奈 椿 ) and Azusa ( 朝日奈 梓 ) are so perfect! I like also Iori, Futo, Louis, a bit Masaomi and Kaname is charming! My favorites are Tsubaki and Azusa of course ♡