Sunday, 27 March 2016

❀ Spring 2016: Anime list ✖ part 3/3 • 春2016:アニメリスト ๑

Hello sweeties ♥ how are you? Happy Easter ~ I hope you are having lovely days :3 by the way the last part of this list is here! I'm sure you will like those anime ~

Concrete Revolutio 2 ๑ website
What if superhumans were real? Even better, what if every fabled superhuman existed at the same time, in the same place? Titans from outer space, life forms from a mystical world, phantoms and goblins from ancient times, cyborgs created by scientists, relics that rose out of the ruins of ancient civilizations. In another Japan, it's not just a question of “what if”—it's a reality. Some of the superhumans choose to keep their identities a secret, while others bask in their superhuman fame. Jiro Hitoyoshi, member of the Superhuman Bureau, keeps track of their doings.

Endride.jpgEndride ๑ website
Endra is an unknown world beneath the surface of Earth itself. It is another world, where the giant Adamas shines above and seven-colored bands drift across the skies. One day, Shun Asanaga discovered a mysterious crystal at his scientific businessman father's company, and the moment he touched the crystal, he was transported to Endra. He meets the recently captured 16-year-old Prince Emilio, who strongly despises the current King Deruzain and was imprisoned after seeking vengeance against the current monarch.

Flying WitchFlying Witch ๑ website
15-year-old Makoto Kowata is a witch. Accompanied by her black cat Chito, the somewhat aimless girl moved from Yokohama to live with her second cousin in Aomori in verdant northern Japan.

Hai-Furi ๑ website
Childhood friends Akeno Misaki and Moeka China want to become Blue Mermaids, a new female force established to protect the remaining coastal towns after many countries have sank into the sea. Together with others who shared their dream, they enrolled in Yokosuka's Marine High School.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

❀ Spring 2016: Anime list ✖ part 2/3 • 春2016:アニメリスト ๑

Hey sweeties, how are you? I'm here again, I'm trying to create at least a post per week. I want to do so many things that I'm not able to organise my free time, now that I go to work I can't do everything so I need a plan! Can you organise your days? And do you follow it? I think it's a bit difficult for some people but if you start it and try and try you can do it! It will change your days!

By the way here it is the second part of the new anime! So many cute anime as always ♥

Hakuouki: OtogisoushiHakuouki: Otogisoushi ๑ website
Features the characters from the games in chibi form with a completely new story with the theme: "A normal everyday that might have existed."

Hundred ๑ website
Hundred is the only weapon that can counter the mysterious Savage life form attacking Earth. To become a Slayer who wields this Hundred, Hayato Kisaragi successfully enrolls in the marine academy city ship Little Garden. However he feels a strange yet familiar sense of incongruity towards Emil Crossford, his roommate who somehow knows him from somewhere. On top of that, as soon as he enters the school, he is challenged to a duel by the "Queen" and the school's most powerful Slayer, Claire Harvey.

Joker Game ๑ website
In 1937, before World War II begins in earnest. Lieutenant Colonel Yūki of the Imperial Japanese Army forms the "D Agency," an army intelligence outfit under his command and tutelage. Army General Staff attaches Lieutenant Sakuma to observe the unit's performance. D Agency casts a wide net to find agents beyond Japanese military personnel, and Yūki establishes D Agency's tenets, which go against IJA doctrine: "Don't kill, don't get killed, don't get captured." With this, Yūki trains a team of operatives who conduct missions against domestic and foreign powers.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

❀ Spring 2016: Anime list ✖ part 1/3 • 春2016:アニメリスト ๑

Hey cuties, how are you? ✰ I was busy in these days so I didn't have time to write new posts :( I'm working now, it's a stage that last 3 months. I create shoes, think about new trends etc.. of course I'm still a beginner I can't do these things right now but I'm learning and I'll do my best ~ Hope you are having lovely days ♥
By the way I wanted to write about some things I bought, something interesting for you too, maybe, but for now I just talk about new anime ~

Bungou Stray Dogswebsite
Nakajima Atsushi was kicked out of his orphanage, and now he has no place to go and no food. While he is standing by a river, he rescues a man whimsically attempting suicide. That man is Dazai Osamu, and he and his partner Kunikida are members of a very special detective agency. They have supernatural powers and deal with cases that are too dangerous for the police or the military.

Shounen MaidShounen Maidwebsite
Chihiro is left homeless with supposedly no relatives after his mom died. As he worries about what to do next, his uncle shows up and plans to take care of him...Or is it the other way around?

Space Patrol Lulucowebsite
The show takes place in Ogikubo, which is the name of the specially designated area in space in the Milky Way where Earthlings and aliens can live together. Luluco is a female middle school student who lives with her father, and no matter where she is, Luluco is a common, "super normal" girl. As she is living her normal life, one day the mysterious transfer student ΑΩ Nova abruptly appears before her. That meeting will change Luluco's fate.