Tuesday, 22 August 2017

[ #SELLING ] Japanese JLPT N3 books

Hello, how are you? I made this post because I really need to sell these books and also because I need money for a trip.
[ #SELLING ] Japanese JLPT N3 books
  • Kanzen Master N3 Grammar
  • Kanzen Master N3 Reading Comprehension
  • Nihongo So-matome JLPT N3: Vocabulary
  • Nihongo So-matome JLPT N3: Kanji
  • Nihongo So-matome JLPT N3: Listening Comprehension
Payment: Paypal
Cost: 15 euro each one + shipping ( you can choose which one )
People who can buy all of them come first!
Email: tuzumii@gmail.com
Feel free to ask me any questions but please just if you are really interested!
I will ship the ones already packed, I haven’t touched them since I got them.

Why am I selling them? As you can see I got them twice because of an error made by the seller -  whiterabbitjapan, I emailed them to ask what to do and they said that I can do what I want with them since shipping back to them will be expensive for them. - I have the email as proof if you are thinking that it’s strange. Please don’t think that they aren’t good seller because I really liked how they worked, I got them fast and in perfect condition. ^-^


  1. Replies
    1. Hi, no I took the N5 without any book because it's pretty easy, I think it is easier than what they say. If I can give you a little tip: find a vocabulary list for the N5 and learn all the words, more words you know and easier the exam will be because there isn't many grammar points to know. There are many resources on the web really good for the N5 - that's how I passed it, I didn't take any lesson - also try to do the fac-simile exam on the official jlpt website - the long one - do it seriously to see if you will be able to pass it or not.

      ps: I started buying books now I just have one for the N4 that I'm taking this December and these ones for the N3. But of course every person is different, so this is my tip that was good for me. ^-^