Tuesday, 22 August 2017

30day challenge: #9 5 places you want to visit

#1 Japan
If I have to choose one Country the answer is Japan with no doubt. It's almost 10 years that I discovered it and its culture and since then I kept leaning about it and I'm getting more and more attracted by it. I could talk about it for hours but it will be annoying for you so yeah I like Japan.

#2 South Korea
I don't really know if it's #2 or #3 but since it was the number 2 for the last years I've put it here. Sincerely I don't know so much about it, I listen to kpop music - I know that it might not be a right reason to go there - BUT I also watched a lot of videos of people who are living there so I learnt something, not as much as Japan tho.

#3 China
This was the number 2 the first years, in fact I took Chinese lessons too, the teacher who is a real Chinese person taught me the language and the culture too. But for some years I didn't do anything, I started again this year, I took Chinese lessons - with the same teacher, how lucky I am! and I discovered some artists I like and I'm watching some Chinese drama.

#4 Taiwan
I don't know anything about it, in fact I don't have a "big" reason, I just want to see China and Taiwan, I keep hearing about it and got interested in it - ok I watched some drama and I'm listening to some Taiwanese songs but these are not good reasons blabla... -

#5 France
12 Stunning Places You Must Visit On A Road Trip In France (9)An European Country in this Asian list. I went in France 3 times, always in Paris - last time was last year - but I would like to visit more places there, like Bordeaux, Provence etc.. Well I like Versailles - dreaming to be a princess -
Well I have part of my family who is living there, in the south of France so it might be easier for me and of course it's pretty near me!

Extra: #6 Thailand
Can I say that I hate Thai language but at the same time it attracts me? It's so strange, I've put it in this list because I got interested a bit in the last months but just a bit. Well, I always liked the Thai writing system, this year I watched some Thai drama - yeah I'm so into Asian drama - and this "hate/love" feeling started. Nothing more for now.

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