Friday, 1 September 2017

30day challenge: #19 10 songs that come to your mind + reasons

I'm making this list with songs that come to my mind but also from my life.

♫check out my music blog! ig- @st.ary pinterest- @xaryanax♫#1 Weki Meki - I don't like your girlfriend
. why? yesterday I kept listening to it the whole day, and it's still going on in my head. I actually would love to learn that choreo :c

#2 Bangtan - Cypher, in particular Part 3: Killer
. why? it's getting colder, today it's raining too and it reminds me 2 years ago when I had to go to a place 1 hour far away from to take a fashion course, it was really early, still dark outside - most of the rime raining - and in the bus so I was listening to BTS.

#3 Robbie Williams - She's The One / Angels / Sin Sin Sin

. why? well I could say all the songs of Robbie Williams because when I was little and I wasn't at school there was my mum - she loved him so much, albums / DVD etc.. - that was listening to his songs in the morning and that's the first thing I remember. I always said that I didn't like his songs - wrong, I like them maybe because I've changed - but I like to remember this little thing about when I was little, it makes me feel happy c:

#4 Aqua TimeZ - プルメリア ~花唄~
♕pinterest/bittiebel. why? same thing of #2 but this time was in high school, we had to run outside - it was cold ;; - but at least, I mean at least, our teacher - I didn't like her at all! - let us listen to music and I was listening to Aqua TimeZ every time - oh, rhyme.  sorry.

#5 蘇打綠 sodagreen - 相信 / 日光
. why? same of #2 and #4 BUT this time I had 14/15 years old and it was the same year that I attended the Chinese course at school.

#6  麻生夏子 - More-more LOVERS!!
. why? it was one of my first Japanese singers - there were more before her tho - but it marked a moment in my life. It's so cute! After that song I listened to other her songs which I really suggest you if you like this one.

#7 ASK / ふぁねる - Clock lock works
. why? first, I know that this is a cover but I just listened to this version. Why? I love it, I was really into vocaloid song choreos at that time ( like Happy Synthesizer etc.. ) and this song is too lovely, it makes me feel happy ;w; their voices are just perfect!

Ahnungslos.#8 One Ok Rock - Wherever You Are
. why? I should say that this reminds me on my yeah I should but I won't say it, ah. I don't remember if this was my first OOK song, but even if it was strange at that time - I couldn't stand sad songs, neither now but a lot less - I loved it!

#9 2PM - Take Off
. why? I had listened to other kpop songs before this one, but I wasn't so into it like now and I think but I'm not sure that this one opened the big door(?). After this I was into 2pm ... ok no, it was thank to BigBang - Haru haru, so..ok made a mistake. haha.

#10 Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love / Stairway To Heaven
. why? Because I have to. I still appreciate them and their songs, but it's not my genre - this doesn't mean that if there is one of their songs I will change it.
ps: I say Whole Lotta Love because I played it with the drums at a mini mini concert organized by the insistite, but I can't stand this song anymore!

To complete this life time songs list I should add more artists from different genres, but no.

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