Monday, 2 February 2015

♡ Japanese Culture: Valentine's Day in Japan! ❣ 日本の文化:バレンタイン·デー!♡

Hello pretty witches♥ how are you? (* >ω<) Today I feel inspired by love ~ so I want to talk about Valentine's Day in Japan. How they celebrate this day? Let's start with history..

Morozoff Ltd., a confectionery and cake company placed in Kobe, is well known because it introduced Valentine's Day in Japan. After that fact, the other companies promoted with it the giving of heart-shaped chocolates.

A particular thing is that in japanese traditions only the women give chocolates to men they love, but not just to them! In fact, in Japan the equivalent of the western Valentine's Day is celebrated on Christmas Eve ~
So in this day they give different types of chocolate for different people, just because they think it's not nice to feel left out, isn't it cute? (人´∀`)