Thursday, 24 August 2017

30day challenge: #11 30 facts about yourself

Stamp Paper Plane / Stempel Papieren vliegtuigje - € 9,95Hello, how are you? Today I have to write 30 facts about myself and I will just write the first 30 things that come up in my mind ~

#1 My birthday is on the 3rd of September - so soon!

#2 I like Japan and I'm learning Japanese

#3 I like fashion

#4 I have a lovely cat called Milady <3

#5 I have many ideas - too many! - of what I could create / do

#6 I don't like to share my projects if they aren't ready because I'm afraid that people can take inspiration and create something better :c

white ● minimalism ● inspiration ● pinned by @ohwahl#7 I don't like when I have a passion / hobby and someone who I know stole it, yeah I mean stole it like in 1 day he/she pretends to know everything and talk to everyone about it. I know I'm weird but I became like that because of many episodes in my life and I'm pretty fed up. Sorry ^-^
- well it depends who is that person of course, not everyone

#8 My goal - in general see #6 - is to be a fashion designer & seamstress, but there are different paths of this that I won't share right now haha see #6!

#9 I studied Computer Science, and I was the only girl that year!

#10 If there will be a chance I would like to be a model - just for one day it is good too
my self esteem is low so staying with people that know how to work with the characteristics of a person maybe will help(?)

#11 I would like to be blond ( and I feel that I should be blond ) - that's an important fact 

#12 I wear glasses - they suggested me to wear them all the day even if I see well most of the time but I actually wear them because I prefer to see myself with them, I'm honest.

#13 I decided to stop buying clothes - and my mum is against it, I'm saving up, what's the problem? Anyway I can make them if I need them

#14 I really enjoy working out and I would like to be able to do it regularly

#15 I'm not an English person as you probably guessed

#16 But I feel more comfortable talking in English than my mother tongue 

#17 maybe I have it in my DNA because of my mother (? she was just born in another Country ) I don't know if it's possible such a thing but I like thinking in this way

#18 I use my own words to describe things / talk - and people think I'm strange

pinterest: @kittymachine#19 I love watching drama - Japanese ones first!

#20 should I say that I love sewing / creating clothes / drawing clothes etc.. too? Isn't it obvious?

#21 I can speak a bit of Chinese, I know the Korean alphabet and some words and I studied German about 6 years ago 

#22 I used to eat my nails and I always wanted to stop when I was younger, now I have nails that everyone wants

#23 sometimes when I'm nervous - just for some types of reasons - I start cleaning, and I actually like cleaning

#24 but right now my bedroom isn't tidy, why? Because I have problems with myself - self esteem etc.. - and so my bedroom reflects them so when I resolve them my bedroom will stay clean, can you understand this?

#25 I'm a perfectionist, and because of this I tend to take too long to make things - and maybe no one cares about those details 

#26 Before buying something I check every website, every post about it, I try to inform me as much as I can *after some months* then I decide to buy it

#27 I love rain it makes me feel happy and I always get inspired when I hear its sound.

#28 "it's better doing it today than doing it tomorrow" this is how I think - I don't know if there's a better phrase in English to say this and I don't actually want to search it neh

#29 I like being informed, I'm curious and I like learning new things

#30 My favourite colours are pastel ones, but my eyes always try to find light blue things - it's so cute <3

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