Friday, 1 September 2017

30day challenge: #21 Another photography day

I wanted to try something new but it's raining and it's too dark.
so I'll just post the last picture I took - still bad quality but I don't care.

All those fabrics were so cheap, really. Think that I can make at least 9 clothes and I've spent 50 euro, that's awesome! c: my wardrobe is pretty empty since I didn't want to buy anything - the last time I think was about a year ago, I'm not joking! - because why should I buy clothes if I can make them? I was like trying to encourage myself.
Anyway yeah I have to make clothes because 2 sweaters have the sleeves too short - hate that. and 2 pair of jeans are worn out, so yeah let's work!

as you can see there's a lot of pink - everything. of course I really like pink but it's also a choice I had to make since it's really difficult too find light blue fabrics :c bottom right it's a light blue one. But I'm really happy since I found so many different fabrics ;w; love them! 

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