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Thursday, 17 August 2017

30day challenge: #8 Things you want to learn

Hello, how are you? This challenge is pretty tough when you can't post your posts because of no internet connection ;-; so did I lost? Oh no, I will keep posting those posts even if they are not in the right day, most of them are ready so I will post them, yep.

Anyway today's theme is things I want to learn, which are many since I always loved knowing stuffs etc.. but of course at some point I had to focus more on something in particular so I'm able to do something and not a bit of everything but specialized in nothing, right? You can always learn new things anytime.

#1 learn to SING
f:id:raruurattatta:20160317231958j:imageevery time I listen to a song I sing and this might be hard for my family because I'm not good at it, I know! But I like it. I like it since I was 4 years old I think, we had to learn songs and sing at the end of the year - at kindergarten - I was pretty good at learning the lyrics, after hearing it once/twice I knew it. We had this also in the elementary school but my best friend of that time was really good at it and I don't know, I tried to hide myself, but yeah I probably wasn't good at all - like now.

#2 learn to DANCE
As for singing I remember that every time there was a TV program in the evening with the an opening(?) / ending(?) song I danced - in that program there were 2 girls who danced that song and I don't think I copied them but I made every evening my own choreography? kkk ok - Anyway right now I'm copying kpop choreographies but I'm not good.

Image result#3 learn to do KARATE
Since I was a kid I loved it, I was pretty young I think, and it attracts me so much.
I think that after my dad played with me doing the Osotogari ( of course he didn't let me fall down ) but I really enjoyed it - he did Judo when he was a kid - I know that Judo and Karate are two different things but I like martial arts in general, but my favorite one is Karate!

I made this list with just things I want to learn but I need a teacher / someone who can teach me, so I didn't include stuff that I'm able to learn by myself, well for dance I can learn by myself I'm doing it but I would like someone who helps me in it, being smooth(?). I can't think of other things that can stay in this list so for now there are just 3 things, but they are not 3.

Monday, 14 August 2017

30day challenge: #7 What inspires you right now

Hello, how are you? Well this post is going to be a bunch of mix things from songs to images, concepts, poeple etc.. so I won't describe each thing also because they just inspire me for how they are!

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

30day challenge: #6 Favorite TV shows

Hello, how are you? Today's theme is TV shows, I'm watching so many drama in these months than a year before, and I've also started watching drama made in other Countries like China, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan.

But in this list I'm just putting Japanese drama, since I know more about them.

Image result for tokyo tarareba musume#1 東京タラレバ娘
Lovely. I was more convinced to watch this drama because of the 金髪 - I watch other Kentaro Sakaguchi drama but with small parts so I wanted to watch a drama where he was the main character, this is not the case but his role is so lovely. By the watching watching it I thought I'm like those タラレバ女. I hope to see a second season!

#2 Love Relationship
Yeah also this one has one of my favorite actor Sota Fukushi. The story is about love of course and I really enjoyed it!

#3 オトナ女子
If you saw 東京タラレバ娘 and you get bored easily about similar plots, watch it! I'm against people who keep looking down drama which are pretty similar, no they might seem similar, the main parts are similar but the whole story is completely different. So just watch it!  ( I also watched another similar drama which I love, and I watched them one behind the other and I didn't get bored at all! )