Tuesday, 10 July 2018

ღ Sleeping Beauty

Don’t sleep
Don’t wake me up
Don’t sleep
Don’t wake me up

After all this time
After all these vibes
After all these highs

We’re still on this ride
Never wanna say good bye
You brought me back to life
and forever it’s just us

No more you and I
Never off just on
Opposite of wrong
If it was you and me against the world
I’d still like our odds
Please don’t ever close your eyes on me
My sleeping beauty

I gotta know now if you’re
You’re really down cause
Where there’s smoke there’s fire
I just hope you realize
That you know I believe
in a thing called destiny

So please don’t
Please don’t
Please don’t
Don’t sleep on me

The high that you’re giving
me is coming so strong
Head up in the clouds
it could poke the ozone

Monday, 9 July 2018

( f l o w . o f . l i f e ↝ ) .july

・ Light and shadowlife is strange sometimes. just let things go and you might find something.

waiting is difficult. at the same time I don't even have much time.

maybe I should find a routine to not waste my time and avoiding overthinking too much.

many things happened and many things will happen. I improved at least.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

( s p r i n g ღ f e e l i n g s )

Spring is coming. Maybe that's why I feel so weird in these days.

anxiety ⇢ exam.

happiness x worried ⇢ future. is it real?

I'm working hard for this exam. I love what I'm studying, fashion.
But I feel somehow discouraged. I want and need a really good grade.
I'm pretending too much, maybe.