Wednesday, 30 August 2017

30day challenge: #17 Your daily work-out

Is there a daily work-out? Because I haven't followed it for 3 days, is it still daily? uhm..
But ok it's my daily work-out.

I tried some apps, they are pretty similar anyway this one has 4 main categories, sometimes I do 3 different work-outs: #1 stretching, #2 legs / butt and #3 abs.
But most of the time I just do the first one to prepare my body, after that I follow some videos on youtube or if I have time I practice kpop choreos, which means learning them but also follow the song and do what I know or just follow them without trying to learn it.

#warm up stretching: 5 minutes from the head to the feet.

#youtube videos: well right now I'm into a specific channel which is ICON UK, I really enjoy those videos, I think that they are made in a good way so you don't feel too tired and the girl who follows you - Danielle Peazer - gives you more strength! The one I did the last time was this:

#kpop choreos: I start with the ones I really know the choreography, like Blackpink - As if it's your last, BTS - I need u, and then I follow the order that there's in my hd - I attach my hd on my TV so I don't get distracted by other stuff -

!! please this is what I do, I'm not a doctor, don't take these stuffs as good for you too! If you have some physical problems ask to your doctor how to do work-out properly for you. 

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