Friday, 22 May 2015

Control Bear ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

Hello sweeties ♥ some days ago I found this animation film about Control Bear on Youtube and I loved it, the drawing style is so cute and.. there are bears :3 

After this video I wanted to know more about Control Bear so I discovered what it is, this is their concept:

"Control Bear is a project with a distinct twist of black humor,
which surpasses the traditional notion of a character and moves into the realms of art.

Through a long period of trial and error in multiple mediums
including typography, collage and illustration,
the artist felt that the best way to share his message
with many people was by using this character as a medium.

By creating an image that is so unexpected and unusual - a cute,
innocent bear taking off his own head - the artist communicates his message:
you control everything, be strong willed and don’t be controlled
by others or just follow what others expect you to do.

While being extremely simple this piece of art holds a strong message."

Sunday, 17 May 2015

☁ Japanese Culture: Teru Teru Bōzu + tutorial ☂ 日本の文化:てるてる坊主 + チュートリアル ☁

Hello sweeties, today I'm talking about a special topic related to the title of this blog "Sweety Rainy Days" ~

てるてる坊主 ( teru teru bōzu ) which means "shine shine monk" is a doll made of white cloth that Japanese people hang outside of their window. It is usually handmade and it reminds of ghost. How said an old legend it is supposed to have magical powers to bring good weather and to stop or prevent a rainy day. In fact the word teru is a Japanese verb which describes sunshine and the word bōzu is a Buddhist monk, or in modern slang 'bald-headed'.

What about the story?
There was a monk who promised a village plagued by constant rains that he could stop the rains that were ruining their crops and bring good weather. When the rain continued and the monk was decapitated by the unimpressed villagers.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

♔ Fashion Post: Gyaru Inspiration ✰ ファッションポスト:ギャル | 霊感 ♔

Hello cuties ~ how are you? In these days I'm inspired by the gyaru fashion, I knew it and liked it for years, but now I'm trying to learn something more! This isn't a post about definitions etc.. but it is just about pictures of outfit and make up/hairstyle tutorial I found on the Net ~

My favorite gyaru icons:

Tsubasa Masukawa
Tsubasa masuwaka gyaru hair Tsubasa