Saturday, 5 August 2017

30day Challenge: #1 Your goals from now till the end of the year

Hello, how are you? Let's start the 30 day blog challenge! *yuh so the first one is: Your goals from now till the end of the year

I always wanted to do many things, to try different stuffs etc.. so I would also like to achieve many goals but since having a lot of goals doesn't take you anywhere, I will try to be realistic. What can I really do?

  1. Fashion: sewing and patterns
    First of all I would like to improve my sewing skills and to do so I have to make clothes every week, regularly! By the way I got accepted to the fashion pattern course which means that if I work hard I will be able to make a bunch of different pretty detailed clothes. And yeah be able to create more patterns.

  2. Japanese
    My goal was to take the N3 exam at the beginning of the 2017 but time flew and I couldn't study as much as I thought. If I can get the N4 will be nice of course but I'm pretty disappointed of myself right now.

  3. Be more calm
    Ah yes this is related to many things. I would like to be more happy with myself, my self-esteem isn't high and I would like to increase it, taking care of myself - work out, beauty .. -

  4. Video editing
    I've always loved videos, and I keep searching for particular ones, ways to create them and I have some ideas after watching many videos. So if I 'm able to make at least one well made video for the end of the year I will be so happy! 
There are more little ( also big? ) goals I would like to achieve but these are the ones I'm thinking about more often. So I think I can stop the list here otherwise it will be too long and I don't want.

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