Thursday, 24 August 2017

30day challenge: #10 Things you created

Hello, how are you? I made this post earlier with the clothes I make but since I would like to make something better for them and since I've just create my first FMV I would like to share here it.
So actually I was able to achieve one of my goals I wrote previously, that's so good, no? c:

I'm pretty satisfied since it's my first video, cutting a bunch of drama was pretty tough - I love every scene, how can I decide to take just few of them? ;-; but at the end I was able to make it long as the song I chose, at least.

First I wanted to create something like those videos with loads of pictures and some small videos, long about 50s but even if it was easier I went for something harder because I loved those videos and also because choosing an actor instead of a singer made me choose among more movies/drama than  little clips etc...
Ok I stop here, I let you watch it! ^-^ please leave some comments I would like to improve more ^-^  so any suggestions / tips are well accepted. Thank you!

actor: 坂口健太郎
song: what you want - PLVTINUM

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