Tuesday, 13 March 2018

( s p r i n g ღ f e e l i n g s )

Spring is coming. Maybe that's why I feel so weird in these days.

anxiety ⇢ exam.

happiness x worried ⇢ future. is it real?

I'm working hard for this exam. I love what I'm studying, fashion.
But I feel somehow discouraged. I want and need a really good grade.
I'm pretending too much, maybe. 

But of course I'm not like her. The perfect one.

Playlist ▶ winner 
. island
. fool
. empty
. raining
. love is a lie
. smile again

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
"A difference in emotions that violently shake
My predictions that are usually wrong
Make me walk in rain boots after the rain
I quickly forget this kind of depression
And live a life of repetition
Without crossing the street, just like I always do
I watch the traffic lights change again, just motionlessly
I hate my heart that clouds over when I leave it to others"

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