Saturday, 10 October 2015

✿ Top 5 (A lot of) Cute boys anime ♡ トップ5アニメ:かわいい男 ✿

Hello cuties ♥ how are you? I'm waiting the sun to take some picture and create some cute posts, but it is always cloudy *argh by the way, I was thinking about a category for another top 5 and since I really like anime with a lot of cute boys, I chose this one! Every time I watch an anime like this I fall in love with one/two of them (you too I know), so this is my list for now, the next anime I want to watch are full of cute boys so it may change!

1. Nabari 隠の王
It was my "first" anime when I discovered about anime/Japan etc.. I already talked about my first anime (such as Ojamajo Doremi). I give it the first place because yeah it has a special place on my heart for the reason I said before. I felt in love with Miharu ( 六条 壬晴 ) and Yoite ( 宵風 ), I can't choose the cutest aww!
I have to re-watch it, I don't remember a lot and well it is special ~
Yuuki Kamatani, Nabari no Ou, Miharu Rokujou, Yoite

2. Brothers Conflict ブラザーズ コンフリクト
I've finished this anime last month and it's difficult 13 boys, I mean 13 brothers and since they were born from the same parents they are all cute hehe! But ok Tsubaki ( 朝日奈 椿 ) and Azusa ( 朝日奈 梓 ) are so perfect! I like also Iori, Futo, Louis, a bit Masaomi and Kaname is charming! My favorites are Tsubaki and Azusa of course ♡

3. Durarara!! デュラララ!!
I loved this anime so much, Izaya ( 折原 臨也 ) is so mysterious and I don't know I like boys like this, but maybe just in my fantasy ~ Shizuo ( 平和島 静雄 ) is cute too, maybe because I like when they are together, such a lovely couple!

4. K

This is a cute anime and I have to watch the second season too! Anyway the main character, Yashiro伊佐那 社 ) is pretty nice but maybe I prefer Kuroh ( 夜刀神 狗朗 ) and Saruhiko ( 伏見 猿比古 ) with those uniforms they are so perfect, aren't they?! And Saruhiko wears glasses ~ I'm pretty obsessed with people with glasses idk why but yeah that's so. ( there are also other things which I'm obsessed to tho hehe )

5. Amnesia アムネシア 

Another cute anime ~ ( it's difficult for me to find bad anime! but there are some ) I like the different paths at the same way, even if I have two favorite characters and they are Shin ( シン ) and Toma ( トーマ ), but of course Ukyo ( ウキョウ ) is so lovely, what he did is adorable aww ♡

In this list I didn't wrote about an anime that I love so much because I want to put it in another list, like slice of life or funny or something more..idk

What do you think? Do you like this kind of list? Leave me a comment with your favorite boy character or also anime and genre ~♡

Have a lovely day
Bye, sweeties 


  1. I absolutely love Project K, i'm so happy its got a second season!
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!