Friday, 16 October 2015

Selling Ojamajo Doremi wands ✰

Hello cuties ♥ how are you? I'm here just because I need to sell my two Ojamajo Doremi wands, I still haven't decided a price for them, but you can contact me and tell me what you want to spend~
Once I sold them I will delete this post so send me a message!

I can make other pictures, video if you want to see how they work .. I don't know, just ask me!

What to do:
- send me an email here:
- tell me if you want one (which one?) or both
- tell me the price

Ojamajo Doremi Season 2 Wreath Poron

Ojamajo Doremi Season 3 Sweet Poron SOLD

Each wand has sounds/musics and lights, the Sweet Poron wand has some little balls that go up when you click the notes, while the Wreath Poron wand has a note that you can remove and if you put it there is a sound, sorry for my bad description anyway if you want I can make a video with all their functions ~ Go go  ✰ 

See you on the next post
Bye lovelies ♥


  1. the wand are so cute , u can sell them trough ebay ^^

    Tori Chu

    1. I tried to sell them on ebay but because of the new rules I can sell only in my country ;-; and it is so difficult ~ anyway thank you<3

  2. Ah they look really nice! I hope someone buys it off you OO: And maybe you can gave more luck putting it on myfigurecollection too? Im not sure how that site works but I think I saw some people trading or selling o:

    I made a Otaku Haul post ^-^ I hope you can check it out!

    Otaku Haul @ bijou-heart

    1. I hope to >o< I really need to sell them as soon as possible ~ btw I'll check it, thank you ^-^

      I wanted to check your post after replying here hehe ~ :D

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