Friday, 11 September 2015

♡ Update, news and sum up ~

Hello cuties ~! how are you? I haven't wrote anything for a while, so I wanted to make this short post just to update it and tell you what I've done, I'm doing and I will do ~ hehe (≧∇≦*)
I'm making this maybe because on 3 September there was my birthday and now I want to clarify something, idk. But anyway, last week I went to a nice woman who helped me to make a wonderful skirt in gyaru style, but I will make a post about it with all the details, so wait (✿◠‿◠)
On my birthday I just went to the cinema, we watched "Paper towns", I really liked it, I thought it had another plot, but that movie on my birthday was perfect because the message they transmit made me think that I need to do just the things I like and do the best on what I believe! I really recommend it (☆^ー^☆) For my birthday I got a super cute lolita dress, but yeah I want to make another post writing about it and another one to show you my latest items I got *wohoo
In this summer I continued learning Japanese ( I stopped it because of school ), and I'm pretty satisfied I improved a lot, but I need to learn more so I can talk fluently without mistakes and...I need to memorize more kanji *yaah but you can do it!
But that's not all, because now I also want to be able to understand what my *shines* BTS and Kim Taehyung (´∀`)♡ ( I do it just for him, neh! well Korean is a languages that I wanted to learn one day, and yeah this is the right day ヾ(^▽^ヾ) ) say so I'm learning Korean too, I've just learned the Hangeul.
The only thing I don't want is to get confused ;-; so maybe it will be hard but I need to do it! ♥
Uhm.. oh well I also trained in dance, I learned i need u of BTS ( of course ), but it's not perfect like I want so everyday I dance and I will dance, practice more and more is the perfect way to succeed! -and I enjoy it so much (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) -
I should also sew something new, but I don't have any inspiration ~ However, I found a course I can do freely, it's about sewing so that's perfect for me, after it I will do stage and probably they find me a work! Anyway I have to pass the selections before!
I think that's all, tomorrow I'm going to Verona ( a lovely town, my favorite one in Italy ), maybe I can do a post about it, I don't know.
Oh yeah I thought to make something related to me...I don't say anything else because I'm not sure I will do it, but ok my personal post is end *yeeeh
have a lovely day, bye ♥


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! It seems like you did so much during this summer! I need you is such a hard dance!!! I only know how to dance Boy in Luv and We Are Bulletproof prt 2 ^_^

    I can't wait to see your lolita dress <3
    Have a nice day~
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. Thank you bby♥ ^-^
      yeah since I finished school and I don't work right now, I try to do all the things I like! Do you dance too? that's great :3 well I think that all their choreography are hard but with practice we can dance them too c:
      when there's the sun I will take pictures of my dress ~ ^-^