Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hanami { flower viewing } 花見 + spring 2015 anime preview

ぴょんぴょん  how are you? It's spring and sakura trees are blooming in Japan~ and as you can see in a lot of  anime (seriously maybe in every anime)  Japanese people love this period and celebrate it in a particular way. 

In this moment of the year, which is from March to May, is used to have an outdoor party under cherry blossoms or just take a walk under these trees. To express this Japanese traditional custom they use the term hanami 花見 ) which means "flower viewing" ~ 
Usually people reserve party spots under sakura trees and use blue plastic mats to lay down, drinking and eating traditional food like sakura dangoa chewy snack food made from rice flour ), which are homemade or bought in temporary stalls that line the paths

The flower viewing is said to have begun during the Nara Period, thanks to a Chinese influence: the custom of enjoying flowers, but before the sakura trees, Japanese people had admired ume blossoms. The sakura viewing started during the Heian Period, because of that particular flower was considered sacred and important by Japanese.

And now some anime I want to watch of this season; maybe I'll do a detailed post about them ~
Jewelpet: Magical Change

PriPara 2

Hello!! Kin`iro Mosaic

Show by Rock!!

Hokago no Pleiades

Urawa no Usagi-chan  

Ok that's all for now ;o; there are so many cute anime this spring, and this is a little preview hehe my anime list is getting really long!

ByeBye sweeties ♥

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