Wednesday, 25 March 2015

❥ Himi's Store & Cutie Mori ✿

Hello ^-^ how are you? Today I'm introducing two super cute shops: Himi's Store & Cutie Mori ~
These stores sells really cute items, such as dresses, skirts, bags, accessories and more!

*update: sign up here and paste the discount code “0402013031” to get 10% off ♥

 Himi's Store is a cute shop specialised in dolly kei, gyaru, lolita kei and other types of Harajuku fashion. Here you can find some of the things they sell, check the store to see all the cute items ~


  use the discount code "demecchi" to get 5% off  

Cutie Mori is owned by the same staff of Himi's Store, so you can find more items and you can have a wider choice through these stores! Hurry up and check also this store c:


 use the discount code "demecchito get 5% off  
ByeBye cuties ♥


  1. i love all Himi Fashion clothing... TT//^//TT DAAAAHH

    1. yeah they have really cute things ♥ :3