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❀ Spring 2015: Anime list ✖ part 1/3 • 春2015:アニメリスト ๑

Hello pretty witches ~ spring is arrived and the new series are on! Here you can find my list of this season, I won't put all the series, which are 56 ( so many ) but just some of them, my favorite ones of course.

jewlpet.jpgJewelpet: Magical Change
The story follows the rabbit-shaped Jewelpet Ruby and the other Jewelpets on their mission to restore the Jewe Castle, which had fallen into the middle of the town because of humanity's lack of faith in magic. In order to rekindle human's "magic-believing hearts," Jewelpets transform into humans and come down to earth to study them.

I've never watched Jewelpet ;o; even if I think is so cute. I should start from the beginning but I love how the Jewelpets transform into humans! A cosplay will be perfect also because they have pastel colors ~♥

Show by Rock!!
A kitty girl named Cyan is scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the president of a music agency. From there, she meets Chuchu the honor student rabbit girl, a net geek dog girl named Retoree, and an alien sheep girl named Moa. Together, they form the band  "Plasmagica". However, the path there is long and tough, and keeping in high spirits is important. By battling against other strange bands, Plasmagica slowly grows toward a top-grade band.

Other pretty cosplays to do, the leader has a nice lolita dress ;w; Sanrio had a cute idea making this anime, I like also the style of the drawings! Maybe they could make the drummer cuter, I don't really like her clothes :c she could been my favorite character also because I was a drummer *chuu

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku
The story revolves around high school girl Eruna Ichinomiya, who enters the Mikagura Academy dreaming of a boarding school life filled with beauty. However, Eruna finds out that in the culture clubs, there is a rule that battles that are fought with special powers decide a club representative's treatment. Through various circumstances, Eruna becomes a representative of a club, and is thrown into the fray.

In this anime there is a fashion designer or someone related to fashion?! ;w; Otone Fujishiro might be my favorite one, anyway I think this anime will be interesting and funny yeah 

Hokago no Pleiades
The story centers around an afterschool club of magical girls who help recover fragments so that an alien from Pleiades can return home. The Pleiades is the English name for the star cluster that the Japanese call "Subaru" — the origin of the car maker's name and six-star logo.

"I'm Subaru!" I would said if I was a child hehe we were used to "be" a character of every anime :3 we also acted like them of course! Anyway usually I choose the light blue one, but in this case I think the pink one is cuter  (wait also the lavender one is cute ;w; I have to watch it asap to choose well)! Which one are you? Tell me tell me, let's compose a group neh~!

This anime is an adaptation of the manga, which centers around Hibiki Amami, a girl who can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena in her surroundings. The stories follow her daily life with both her friends and the otherworldly.

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I think it will be a nice anime, it might be comic and I would appreciate it a lot also because I didn't see a lot of funny anime this season, but I don't know >o< this is my opinion reading the plots.

Ore Monogatari!!
Takeo Gōda is a giant guy with a giant heart. Too bad the girls don't want him! (They want his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa.) Used to being on the sidelines, Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate. But one day when he saves a girl named Yamato from a harasser on the train, his (love!) life suddenly takes an incredible turn!

Oh finally a different shoujo! There is always the handsome boy who is good at school, no! Now there is a completely different boy uuh I have to watch it, it "seems" like Kimi ni Todoke (my favorite romantic anime ♥).
What anime would you like to watch? There will be other two post with other anime soon ~
Bye cuties ♥

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