Friday, 29 July 2016

❀ Outfit Giveaway { draw an outfit and win it ♡

Hello pretty witches! How are you? I'm pretty tired in these days and when I'm tired/stressed/anxious I need to make something and complete it, so I feel more realized >o< it helps to calm me down
By the way in the previous post I talk a bit to a little thing for you, but since here I can write more and explain better, I chose to make a post about this giveaway.

This is an idea that came to me at night, so initially I thought it was pretty stupid but after posting it on tumblr I received nice feedback and some drawings and that's why I decided to make it happen ^-^

Outfit Giveaway ✰

What's that? In a few words, you can have a chance to get an outfit you would like made by me.

How it works? Nothing that hard, just follow this steps.

  • draw an outfit you like, it can be something that already exists or something that you invent ( I prefer this because you can have something that no one else has ;3 ). You can send me more than one outfit, you can increase the chance to win!
  • submit it to my tumblr, click here 
  • at the end I'll open a poll and the most voted will be chosen
Then you don't have to do nothing more, that's my turn! Of course I'll talk to the winner to choose fabrics and other stuff and then I'll sew the outfit, and I'll try my best to make it as you wanted!

If the person like what I'll create, ( I really hope since I made this for you! ) I'll send that to the winner.

How much is it? It's an outfit giveaway of course, you have to pay the shipping fees which change by your location and the materials. No money for my work!

This giveaway is made for you because you can have something you wanted/something no one else has, and for me because I'll practice doing something for someone else ~

When does it end? You can send me drawings until 20th August.

!important: you don't have to be good at drawing, you can try your best and explain with a description.
Please if you aren't 18+ you need to have the permission from your parents or in other case another adult near you.

my post on tumblr: click here.

Have a lovely day,

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