Thursday, 16 October 2014

✿ Taobao & TaobaoSpree Review #01 ✿

☆ハロー キャンディー! Here I am with my first taobao review with clothes I bought some months ago. I'm gonna write about it now because I opened this blog later than I thought *ugh
Ok-ok-okay ~ *ピカピカ - shines* I'm going to talk about taobao and my shopping service in another post, at the moment I want to focus my attention on the kawaii things I bought ✿
First of all, the shopping service I used was TaoBaoSpree that I chose after reading about it in some reviews, which were all positive! When I think of what I want to buy I took weeks *coffcoff months, I want to be sure that I really like that things.

06 may ► I sent the mail with the name, size, price and other infos of the clothes, like the form in the website. Candy has been assigned to me, she replied right away and was so nice  (´ω`★) I had some difficults on the sizes but she helped me a lot ♥
The things on my list were: two t-shirts, a petticoat, a seifuku skirt and a pair of lolita shoes ( but at the end I decided not to buy them >o< )

07 may ► I paid the first payment ( the items and the shipping to taobaospree )

13 may  Candy replied me saying that the items were arrived! It was really fast ~ then I paid the second and last payment ( the shipping to my house )

19 may ► she shipped the items and sent me the tracking number ( I chose Airmail )

11 june ► the package arrived ~ 

This is the list of the things I ordered (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

And these are my clothes when they arrived (´ヮ`) so perfect like the pictures on taobao!

 I really wanted this t-shirt, I saw it in different fairy kei outfits //love at first sight the print is so cute and the main colour (light blue) is one of my favourite ones *chuu☆

I love Hello Kitty, that's it! Both of them are a bit trasparent, but the material is so soft and I like their particular shape ~

Finally .. Finally! I have two lolitas dresses, but when I bought them I didn't think about a petticoat so I took the chance // I made this order especially for it! It's pretty wide but I should buy another one to make a cuter puffy skirt (^ω^) Honestly the first layer of fabric has not been made well, and the fabric isn't of good quality, the only thing I like is the polka dot tulle and yeah it's my first petticoat, the next one will be better ・*☆

So, this was one of my dream items, however I ordered only the skirt *ugh it's a bit hard for me to make a cute outfit right now, I'll buy a complete seifuku asap // pink, light blue, yellow, mint .. I want a collection of seifuku~♥ 

I was and I am really satisfied of this haul, I need to buy more things to match these clothes correctly. My wardrobe is growing up slowly ~
Maybe next time I'll post some pictures of my outfits, maybe *eke

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