Sunday, 30 April 2017

#Fashion: Korean Fashion Inspiration ღ

Hello, how are you? I'm here with the first real post after the "break" I made. I want to start talking about fashion, in particular Korean fashion which I'm pretty into it.

Here you will find pictures from 4 shops: chuu, icecream12stylenanda and hotping.

I love Estherloveschuu collection, so pink so cute! The ribbon cap is just lovely, isn't it?
but also some touch of black with pink is a nice combination! - what I'm actually doing with my clothes -



One piece

I like how those brands as loads of skirts and each one has something different from the other.

I tried to put here some of the cutest items but probably I missed something since they have so many lovely clothes. I divided this post in sections so you can focus on the category itself.

Hope you like this post!
Bye bye


  1. So many cute things!
    I love the Esther Loves Chuu collection as well, I've been meaning to get something from it but I can't decide what because everything is so adorable;u;

    1. haha c: true! I couldn't choose too ;w; it's so cute! <33