Wednesday, 27 January 2016

♔ Fashion Post: Tokyo Street Style { Men ✰ ファッションポスト:東京のストリートスタイル{ 男 ♔

Hello cuties ~ how are you? I've just finished a fashion course, I improved a lot  (but I still need to improve) my drawing skills. We had to prepare different projects two of them were about creating a collection, one for shoes and one for clothes! The theme was Africa, sincerely I was a bit confused on what I wanted to do, it was my first time and we didn't have a lot of time to create them. But yeah we did them, I'm pretty satisfied and now I want to create a men collection and of course one for women too! So today I decided to create this post, a good way to get inspired is to watch loads of pictures, about anything!

Anyway, this post is about Tokyo street style, we can learn a lot from people around us, so let's take a look! ;)

*edit: involuntarily, this post became something to inspire me for that men collection I told above, there are just men! o-o

Harajuku Duo in Twin Tails
Genderless style is kind of popular in Japan, I saw different boys who enjoys wearing also cute and more feminine items! This guy is Satoyupi, and he's wearing H&M top, New York Joe Exchange shorts and Adidas tote bag, the socks are from Swimmer and the other accessories and creepers are from resales shops.
Another thing which you can see a lot in those street snaps is oversized clothes. ♥
Marvel Comics x Boy London & Acne Skinny Jeans
Hiroto is wearing a Marvel Comics x Boy London sweatshirt with black Acne skinny jeans and Dr. Martens boots.
I like this combination skinny jeans with a larger sweatshirt, but Dr. Martens boots no! >o< Maybe I would choose another type of boots, softer than those.
Business as Usual Patchwork Sweater
This is one of my favorite ones! He is Wataru and his look features a patchwork knit sweater from Business as Usual with black cropped pants by the Japanese brand Hare and Reebok sneakers. His “MHL” stencil tote bag from Margaret Howell.
Nothing to say, I like this outfit, the shoes gives me something incomplete, I don't know, but the patchwork sweater and those pants are perfect, so lovely!

Comme Des Garcons Jacket & Saint Laurent Paris Pants
 Makoto has a jacket from Comme Des Garcons with cropped Saint Laurent Paris pants and cutout Raf Simons boots.
Oversized everywhere! Nice look / no I don't like the shoes in this one too but yeah we might have different views/style ;3 
Shibuya Guy in WEGO Plaid Shirt Jacket
THIS one, the perfect one ♥ Shotaro is an example of what I like and a lovely inspiration for my collection as well! 
He is wearing a plaid shirt jacket from WEGO (really popular right now) over a black T-shirt and skinny jeans from AZUL by Moussy. His bag is Global Work and his watch is Fossil. He accessorized with a silver olling Stones logo necklace, earrings and hat.
Keita is wearing a coat and a sweater from Kanata. He has also the hakama, which I find it so cute, a nice idea to put some Japanese traditional clothing mixed with more modern style!

To summarize I like these styles, such as oversized clothes but also genderless style as well! The clothes themselves are minimal uhm no stamps on them, just plain color. Guys you can get inspired a lot ~ c: I'm still organizing my ideas, something is coming out!
What do you think? Which one of these outfits is your favorite one? And which style?
Have a lovely day cuties,
Bye bye ♥


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  3. Hiroto's style is my favourite.

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    1. it's cute, he has a minimal style, pretty popular too!
      sometimes the simple things are better! c:

  4. I hardly saw any men in Japan who dressed as quirky as these guys~

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    1. Really?! Probably because most of them come from Bunka fashion college or they are models/singers!
      I follow a lot of japanese guys and all of them wear in a particular way :3 so yeah maybe it's because of this ~

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