Friday, 25 December 2015

ღ Fashion Kawaii: Mint Sailor Dress Review ❀

Hello cutiess, how are you? I haven't written for a while, I wanted to make some posts because I have some things to share with you but I just had 2 hours per day free, so I couldn't be here until now thanks to..  Christmas ♥ -my favorite holiday-

I start my series of posts talking about a shop: Fashion Kawaii

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Fashion Kawaii is a store which sells cute clothes perfect for fairy kei, gyaru kei, lolita, dolly kei..well Harajuku fashion in general. But they also have a lot of different accessories. Below you can see something I choose for you, but if you check the link you can find more ;)

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But let's focus on the review ^-^ I chose a cute mint dress and that's how it looks on the store

Cute bowknot dress navy fashion dresses $28.00

And that's what I received
As you can see it's exactly the same!
 I took the pictures immediately after unpacking it, so it is really creased, but I didn't have time to iron it.  
Ok, so you can't understand how happy I am, finally I have a sailor collar on one of my clothes, I love them so much it makes a cute effect on the back especially if you wear a cardigan too!
This is a detachable bow, you can put it on the waistband or on the top of the dress, such as seifuku!

Item: the quality of this dress is pretty nice, there were two strings to cut, but the whole dress has nothing bad, it is like the picture that you can find in the store, so that's great! The same goes for the colour, I mean it isn't too dark and you can put together with a pink cardigan (as I do) or a white one too, but this depends on you :) There is just a thing I don't like so much: the sleeves! I have thin arms and they are too big for me, but that isn't a big problem since I think I will adjust them sewing an elastic band!

Shop & Shipping: I had contacted the shop a week before they sent it and it took the same time as all the things I usually order, about a month and that's just because of Italian custom! Anyway the shop owner was really nice with me, and I had no problem.

 Overall: I'm so happy for this dress, the quality is exactly the same I thought when I saw it and well I recommend it to you!

I wish you a lovely Christmas to all of you who celebrate it and a happy new year ♥

Spend nice days with your loved ones ~


  1. Such a cute dress! <3

  2. omg the sailor dress is really cute XD I want it too ^^

    Tori Chu

    1. you should buy it ;3 it gives you a really nice effect! ♥

  3. The dress looks so lovely omg!! I always wanted to have one sailor dress too but to be honest I would be too scared to it wear it in public because I'm too shy and scared people will stare at me >.< Its a shame the sleeves are too big but maybe you can sew it a little :< Overall this dress is so cute though♡ I will definitely check out the store~

    Mindy ♡

    1. Hey cutie c: you don't have to worry about other people! I was a bit scared too so I started wearing kawaii clothes in an Harajuku Walk in my city, everyone was wearing clothes like me so it wasn't embarrassing! Start wearing cute clothes with your friends, someone who makes you feel confident and don't care about other people. ^-^ I hope you will try it, after the first time you won't stop! ♥

  4. The dress is so pretty! I'm in love with the colour :) I think I like the loose sleeves look too x

    I'm hosting a Kawaii stationary giveaway from Blippo, click here if you'd like to enter -

    1. I love the colour too, mint and pink are so perfect together! :3

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