Monday, 17 August 2015

♔ Fashion Post: Gyaru & Dolly kei Inspiration #02 ✰ ファッションポスト:ギャル&ドリー系 | 霊感 ♔

Hello cuties ♥ how are you? how are you spending the holidays? I went to Spain last week, for 3 days, not so much, we wanted to meet my sister who is working there. It was so hot and we walk a lot ;-; summer isn't for me at all! 

By the way, today I'm going to make another inspiration post, in these days I saw a lot of cute outfits, well I'm in the period when I want to buy a lot of things so I check my favorite stores everyday, now I'm trying to think that I could make them instead of buying them ~ a step forward :3

In this period I'm into gyaru and dolly fashion, the pictures are taken from Bobon21, Candy Rain and Dreamv ~


This is a pretty long post full of images ;o; I wanted to post other pictures but it would have been too long! By the way do you like these outfits? What is your favorite brand? I can't choose, I would love to have all their items ♥ so so cute! If you like this kind of post I will make more, I like saving pictures, they inspire me a lot ~

Bye lovelies!
have an amazing day ♥

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