Wednesday, 15 July 2015

❣ Kawaii Box May 2015 Review ✉

Hello sweeties ~ how are you? Some days I got this cute box from my boyfriend!

Kawaii Box

Do you know what it is? Kawaii Box is a website where you can subscribe to get a kawaii box with cute items from Japan and Korea every month! The cutest thing is that you don't have to spend time thinking of what you want to buy because all the things are so cute, because it's a surprise! I love surprise ♥ Kawaii Shop

But anyway if you prefer to choose what you want you can check also their store.

Japan Candy Box

Moreover now you can also get a box full of Japanese candies ~ that's perfect if you want to try the strange and kawaii candies!

Ok, so let's start! :3
They customized also the package, isn't is so cute?! ♥

Inside it there were 4 cards: blippo store, kawaii box, japan candy box and a card where there is the list of all the cute items inside the package. I think I will hang them in the wall!

And *jajaan here they are the kawaii things ♥ I think I was really lucky: pink everywhere!

Meiji Petit Gum ~ grape ( プチガム~グレープ )  they are so yummy!

Rilakkuma Mini Letter Set ~ Paris! Besides Japan, France is one of my favorite country 

Small Chocolate Mirror & Comb ; this make me wanna eat some chocolate ;u;

Glitter Alpaca Eraser I've always wanted something with Alpaca ~ *chuu

Sweet Crepe Charm now I want to try a Japanese crepe ww ~hungry~

Leatherette Alpaca Cardholder I like the mix of pink x mint ;w; and Alpaca again! This, the Alpaca eraser and the banana charm are my favorite items of this box :3

Chima Chima Friends - Alpaca and sheep I love stickers but I don't think I will use them, they are so cute!

 What do you think of this supah cute Kawaii Box? I was so happy when he gave me it and I found really lovely items yaww ♥

Bye cuties, have an amazing day ~


  1. This has to be the cutest subscription box i've ever seen! I definitely need to get myself one of these! Thanks for the post~!

    Minae ♥ Minaekei

    1. As you can see in their website, the previous boxes were cute too :3 you should get one ^-^ it's so lovely, a cute surprise <3

  2. Kawaii box always has many cute items inside ^^ love Kawaiibox