Saturday, 2 May 2015

♔ Fashion Post: Gyaru Inspiration ✰ ファッションポスト:ギャル | 霊感 ♔

Hello cuties ~ how are you? In these days I'm inspired by the gyaru fashion, I knew it and liked it for years, but now I'm trying to learn something more! This isn't a post about definitions etc.. but it is just about pictures of outfit and make up/hairstyle tutorial I found on the Net ~

My favorite gyaru icons:

Tsubasa Masukawa
Tsubasa masuwaka gyaru hair Tsubasa

Nana Suzuki

Outfits I like
cute baby doll sisters
Japanese fashionvia My Darling Rainbow http://mydarlingrainbow.tumblr.comadorable

Make up tutorial
Are you fans of Kawaii Makeup? Then you must see this makeup tutorial ^.^ (Source: Facebook Page - Gyaru)  ==== Big Eyes Circle Lenses is recommended ( for your kawaii makeup. Grab one now!  ==== #MakeupTutorial #KawaiiMakeup  Petit Poppy: Tutorial ~ Ulzzang lips  @Li Yao cute simple sweet lip makeup idea <3

Hairstyle tutorial
japanese hairstyles tutorial - Google Search hair tutorial. Love the top one, I need to learn how to do this.

I accept any help ^-^ I want to learn more and more, I really want to try the make up :3 it's so cute the effect it has and probably as soon as possible I would like to buy a wig that fit with this fashion ~ I would like to buy something like Liz Lisa, Bobon21 or Dreamv items, they are so cute ; 3;

ByeBye <3


  1. Oh, cutie, I see you prefer himekaji and romagyaru! Me too! I love gyaru very much, this style inspires me a lot, and I have a lot of clothes from DreamV, Bobon21 and recently bought some Liz Lisa clothes, hehe~
    can't wait to see you wearing gyaru style~♡


    1. yes they are so cute >3< I would like to buy something from Liz Lisa too, maybe I'll try to follow some auctions ~ years ago I bought three Dreamv dresses, so lovely ♥ soon, I hope to post some pictures hehe

  2. It looks really wonderful ! Especially, I love their eyes and lips ! ♥

    Love from Slovakia ~

  3. I love gyaru fashion, i think they're so cute <3
    Anyway, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and let me know in the comment so that i can follow you back instantly :)

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    1. they are so lovely ^-^
      sure, I have just done it cutie ~♥

  4. Great inspiration, I want to try this type of fashion.

    { }

    1. I hope you will be able to try it ^-^ it is so cute!